Our focus is squarely on you and
your online success

ITZonTarget’s secret weapon is our experienced and talented team of business development and design experts who work hand in hand with clients throughout through all phases of implementation — strategy, design, production and reporting.

For two decades, the ITZ team has worked both with media companies and small business clients across the country to deliver compelling campaigns that cut through the din, prompt action and drive success.

gillian floren itzontarget

Gillian Floren

CEO / Founder / Partner

Gillian brings to ITZ extensive experience from leadership roles in communications and publishing, business, economic development and higher education. She has served as editor in chief of an award-winning news weekly in North Carolina and a monthly business magazine in Oregon, at the latter becoming its publisher. She went on to join Greenlight Greater Portland, a private-sector economic development group, serving as its VP of marketing and then its CEO. Gillian has taught at the University of Asmara in Eritrea, Africa, and at Linfield College in Oregon and has served as chief of staff at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She co-founded ITZ with Greg Swanson in 2005.

Gillian loves to hike, ski, bicycle, run, swim and otherwise relish the outdoors. She is also an artist and painter, showing her work locally in Portland, Oregon.

Greg Swanson

Chief of Business Development / Founder / Partner

Greg is a digital sales and management expert and opinion leader on media who has raised industry standards for selling digital marketing. Clients and industry leaders nationwide have sought Greg’s deep expertise in online media and his penchant for bringing diverse and innovative ideas to the table.

Greg has served as digital director of national media companies including Lee Enterprises and 10/13 Communications as well as founding and leading his own companies. He co-founded The Insiders’ Guides, which grew to become one of the largest domestic travel guidebook series in the U.S., and was a founding staff member of the Independent Weekly in Durham, N.C., and of IF Multimedia, an interactive kiosk company.

Greg is a partner at ITZonTarget, OneBoat.com, Destination Commerce Corp., the OBXGuides and Tahoe.com (with Swift Newspapers). He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Mike Palmerine

Chief Creative Officer / Founder / Partner

As the architect of ITZ’ creative division, Mike has attracted some of the industry’s best talent and ensured that clients have access to a creative team that creates and delivers compelling design to promote their brands.

The collaborative and creative culture that Mike inspires at ITZ has generated results for clients across industries and regions.

Before joining ITZ, Mike spent 17 years at 10/13 Communications, where he led the agency’s creative transformation. He led a similar renaissance at itzdigital, a subsidiary of 10/13 Communications. Mike began his career in Phoenix, Arizona, where he currently lives, leading a group of print and online designers.

casey landreth itzontarget

Casey Landreth

Web Developer / Programmer

Casey has been a web designer and programmer for the past 10+ years, designing customized sites and programs for both institutional and small business clients.

Casey’s lifelong passion for art and design led him to study computer graphic design in college, initially specializing in 3D animation but then developing a talent for improving user interfaces. Frustrated with the limitations of available UI tools, Casey learned back-end programming to create the interfaces he envisioned.

Among other things, Casey has built sophisticated content management systems and workflow administration tools used within media companies to manage their multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Bess Meade

Client and Operations Strategist

Bess is a digital marketing strategist who works closely with clients and vendors to drive successful results on all campaigns.

Before joining ITZ, Bess was a graphic designer on the marketing team at Atlanta History Center, where she managed the museum’s website, email marketing, and digital advertisements for three years. Her background in design fuels an interest in typography and user experience, and a gives her an eye for marketing trends. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Saajan Chauhan

Digital Marketing Technologist

Saajan works with our data partners, digital inventory portals and customers to manage and report on campaigns.

Saajan started his career managing marketing campaigns, first in the accommodations industry, then with performing arts organizations, with his work focusing on lead generation and direct response. In his next venture with a media company, Saajan worked on more than 700 primarily branding campaigns.

When not managing campaigns, Saajan works with ITZonTarget clients on SEO, content creation and marketing strategy.