Webinar: Campaigns That Clicked

A few case studies from the field.

Webinar: Talking Digital to Your Clients

Business owners need help and guidance — not a confusing array of digital advertising products.

Webinar: From Click to Conversion

Getting a click on an ad is important. But what happens next is everything.

Webinar: SEO and Be Seen

Boost your site’s ranking using keyword optimization to land it on Google’s page one.

Webinar: Going Digital with Cannabis and CBD

Cannabis laws are fast evolving, and so is cannabis marketing.

Webinar: Ecommerce to the Rescue

Learn how to get your businesses up and running with ecommerce.

Webinar: Geofencing the Neighborhood

For businesses, social distancing is an opportunity to get their message out and capture some of that online action.

Google AdWords vs. Keyword Banner Campaigns

We are often asked: If a client has Google AdWords campaign, why should they run a keyword banner campaign?

Email first.

Direct mail has been a go-to marketing tool since time began. And it works. Well, kinda.

The (too often) Missing Link: The Landing Page

A landing page is a key component of a digital campaign, designed specifically to continue the conversation that begins when your prospect clicks on your ad or email. A well-conceived page provides a power surge that nudges your prospect toward action.

Do we detect signs of interest?

If you sell boots, the best moment to put your digital ad in front of someone is when they’re online and thinking, “Hey, I need some new boots!” This is a motivated boot shopper — the perfect prospect for your digital targeting campaign.