Do we detect signs of interest?

If you sell boots, the best moment to put your digital ad in front of someone is when they’re online and thinking, “Hey, I need some new boots!” This is a motivated boot shopper — the perfect prospect for your digital targeting campaign.

Shoppers are sending signals of intent all the time in different ways, among them the keywords they’re searching (“boots store near me” or “women’s boots”), the online content they’re reading, and even where they are located — such as when they’re standing in a competitor’s shop. By recognizing these signals of interest, we can then match their intentions with your message and deliver them your boot ads on whatever sites they’re browsing on the web.

Targeting by expressions of intent creates a 30% higher consideration lift and 40% higher purchase intent lift than targeting based on demographics alone, according to Google.

ITZ multi-tactic campaigns — using keyword and contextual search, geofencing and retargeting — maximize your opportunity to reach consumers at the right moment, when they’re most motivated to buy.