Google AdWords vs. Keyword Banner Campaigns

We are often asked: If a client has Google AdWords campaign, why should they run a keyword banner campaign?

With Google AdWords, a company bids on specific, relevant keywords so that their ads appear on Google search result pages, where they can be seen by people searching those terms on Google. This is also referred to as “paid search” or “pay per click” because the advertiser pays only when a person clicks on an ad.

With a keyword banner campaign the business pays for the number of ad impressions they choose to send. The advertiser selects relevant keywords, and their ads are sent to people who are searching those terms — not just on Google but on hundreds of other major sites that people frequently search (think Amazon, Yahoo, Zappos, Nordstrom, etc.).

This is a big plus over Google AdWords, which delivers ads only to people doing searches on Google. Also with AdWords, the ad appears in the listings only one time — and that’s if it showed up high enough (i.e., the bid was high enough) that it didn’t simply get buried by the ads ahead of it.

With a keyword banner campaign, the advertiser’s message can be delivered to the same person multiple times. (Note that we do limit the number, so it doesn’t seem creepy.) And with the ability to reach people on a significant number of major search sites, keyword campaigns have great reach as well as frequency.

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