While the landing page is a key piece of a digital campaign, its importance is often overlooked. When a prospective customer clicks on an ad or email, landing them on this specially designed page will nurture their interest and nudge them one more solid step toward the sale of a product.

Itzwild.com now provides an automated tool that builds exceptional customized landing pages in minutes (really, minutes). And the pages incorporate the essential components that make a landing page successful, including:

  • A short headline
  • Primary call to action
  • Clear value proposition
  • Bullet points
  • Click-to-call phone number
  • Click-to-navigate maps
  • Contact information

Really smart design. Incredible price.

How to get started

The process starts with your selection of a business-specific template. There are more than 50 to choose from.

Then you provide the name of the business and type of page you want — whether a product, event, business, personal page. The Itzwild.com platform can even create a multi-page websites. The platform then goes to work, pulling key images, content, reviews, contact information and other assets from the web to generate your customized pages.

Edit and publish

The next step is to personalize your text, images and block layouts. No need for coding or design skills; the system assembles the pieces for you in the right way based on the type of offering.

Next, choose a domain name for your page. Once we’ve got that, your page goes live for you to share with your customers. Really, it’s that easy.

Hundreds of templates

Our pages include thousands of layout options, colors, fonts, and styles that you can easily customize using our editor.

Track performance

Our advanced reporting platform tracks and records every call, visit, and message to your business.

Customer support

In addition to business pages, we provide excellent customer service to answer all of your questions.

We call our self-service portal


Want to make your own web page in less than a minute?

Text “Create” to 503-616-2603 and follow the instructions!

Try it!