• Find your audience and grow your business.

    Multi-channel campaigns get real results.

  • Email to Direct Mail

Send your direct mail selectively – only to the people most likely to buy.

Our email to snail mail campaigns start by emailing your message to your broad-based audience. After the email goes out, our analytics provide us data about opens and clicks, which we then use to send your direct mail postcards only to your top prospects.

  • Targeted Banners

Follow up your email by sending banners to people who opened the email or to your entire target audience.

Banner campaigns deliver your message to prospects who are indicating interest in your product or service. Using keyword search and contextual targeting, retargeting and geofencing, we deliver your message to prospects who have indicated interest in your product or service.

  • Landing Pages That Work

Branded with the look and feel of the email, a landing page provides an additional opportunity to give your prospect a call to action. It’s also an excellent place for a contact form or request for information.

  • Get Results!

Share your email or phone number, and we will get in touch with you to show how ITZ multi-channel campaigns can get results for your business.

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