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    Multi-channel campaigns deliver success.

  • Email to Direct Mail

Direct mail works. It also costs a lot.

What if you could send your direct mail selectively – only to the people most likely to buy?

That’s what our email to snail mail campaigns do. We start by emailing your message to everyone you’d normally snail-mail to. After the email goes out — at a fraction the cost of direct mail — our analytics tell us who opened and clicked. Then we send your direct mail postcards only to these interested prospects.

Reach your best prospects, and save money. What’s not to like?

  • Targeted Banners

Follow up your email by sending your message to people who opened the email or to your entire target audience. Your banner ads appear on whatever websites your prospects are browsing. You go where they go.

Our targeting ensures you reach  the people who are indicating interest in your product or service. Using keyword search and contextual targeting, retargeting and geofencing, we deliver your message to your best prospects in your region.

  • Landing Pages That Work

Give your prospects a soft landing — that is, a landing page, branded with your look and feel, to provide additional details and present a call to action to nudge them toward you.

A landing page also an excellent place for a contact form or request for information.

  • Want Results?

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