Ignite your digital revenues with an ITZ training

For two decades, ITZonTarget has trained media sales teams and educated small business proprietors about digital tools and strategies, resulting in significant increases in online ROI. Having led digital sales initiatives at more than 200 media companies, ITZ business development strategist Greg Swanson presents trainings that are both enlightening and engaging, each tailored to the specific needs of the enterprise.

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Small businesses are constantly being pitched on digital products and services, from SEO and search optimization to reputation monitoring and social media marketing. Faced with this barrage, advertisers are often left confounded by the options available to them and how to choose the right ones to attract and retain customers.

ITZ works with media companies to present small businesses with a primer not only on what’s available but which tactics maximize results for their industry. Greg demystifies the digital arena and makes clear the connection between the digital services the enterprise is offering and the goals of the enterprise’s advertisers, on- and offline.

Digital products can confound not only advertisers but the sales people who are responsible for pitching them. Greg works with sales teams so they understand the products they’re selling and how to successfully present them to clients. ITZ offers trainings to help onboard new sales reps as well as master classes for experienced digital reps to deepen their knowledge and enhance their presentation skills.

ITZ trainings and seminars are held onsite at the media company location.

Day 1

  • Overview with management team
  • Sales training I
  • Advertiser seminar (late afternoon)

Day 2

  • Advertiser seminar (morning)
  • Sales training II
  • Four-legged sales calls with reps and top customers

We tailor our programs to your needs. Give us a call at 800-647-6917, and let’s talk about your enterprise and its digital offerings, sales structure and needs.


Some companies ITZ has served
  • Lee Enterprises
  • McClatchy Newspapers
  • Belo
  • Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. (CNHI)
  • Washington Post-Newsweek Community Newspapers
  • Media News Group
  • The Charleston Post and Courier
  • Dallas Morning News
  • Denver Post
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • Columbus Dispatch
  • Los Angeles Daily News
  • El Paso Times
  • Philly.com
  • Spokesman-Review
  • Swift Communications
  • Journalism Online (Press +)
  • Oregon Business magazine
  • The Times Media Company
  • AZLocal Media Company
  • Schurz Communications
  • The Bakersfield Californian
What clients have said about ITZ

“Part of the beauty of working with ITZonTarget is that they don’t just roll into town with a bag of the latest shiny objects. The foundation is made clear for the sales teams, built on rock-solid understanding of audiences, matched with core digital tactics that work for the long haul.”

“Greg came into our market and completely focused the sales teams, including legacy print, in ways that led to a blow-out $600,000 sales outcome — far exceeding goals and expectations. And the simple and smart approach to selling digital remained with the team going forward.”

— Jeff Herr, VP of Digital Revenue and Products, ‎BCI Media

“Greg showed me how to take The Denver Post and eventually Media News Group, Digital First and AdTaxi to a whole new level. His insight is always ahead of the trends, and he knows how to find the sweet spots for local businesses.”

— Mike Martin, Director of Channel/Re-seller Development and Success, Bridge

“Advertiser seminars are one of the keys to opening new markets and cultivating new prospects. Greg’s approach to local businesses is authentic, curious and results-oriented. You watch the audience of butchers and barbers go from leaning back with arms crossed to leaning forward with real interest.”

— Jeff Herr

“Greg Swanson is an excellent teacher, motivator and friend to the industry. His enthusiasm is contagious as he helps legacy sales teams embrace technology and new products.”

— Marc Wilson, CEO, TownNews.com

“Greg is a gifted trainer and coach, who has a way of distilling information and describing it in a way that resonates with his audiences. I recommend him often, as he never disappoints.”

— Rosanne Cheeseman, Executive Director, ING

“Greg Swanson appears on my short list of colleagues who are also on my short list of experts. In addition to being one of the most up-to-date minds in digital advertising, he has self-qualified as an entrepreneur, publicly held news media company executive and professional trainer. He’s a primo meeting facilitator and public speaker, whose focus is always on the needs of those he’s training or to whom he’s speaking.”

— Michael Phelps, Managing Principal, Amapola Marketing Communications